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Our aluminium security doors are a standard when it comes to protecting your home. We use 19.2mm thick aluminium door frames combined with 7mm tempered aluminium diamond grills. We build our doors to be affordable, low maintenance and good looking grills to guarantee peace of mind when it comes to defending your household.

All our aluminium security doors come standard with fibreglass mesh, an automatic door closer (hinged doors only), bug strip, latch, lock and two keys.

Beyond our standard, aluminium security doors have a lot of features and customization options:

  • 15 year warranty
  • Made in Newcastle, unique to your needs
  • Comes in a variety of colours
  • Triple lock systems for more protection
  • Door guards can be added to deter external access to latch
  • Automatic sliding door closer
  • Can be installed with an assortment of mesh types: fibreglass, pawproof, aluminium, privacy stainless steel

Call us on 4965 1330 for a free security consultation.

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