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Window screens come in many names: insect screens; bug screens; fly screens; mosquito screen and mozzie nets, but they all are absolutely essential in keeping bugs out of your house or business. 

At Hunter Valley Security Doors, we offer a variety of screen materials for different purposes: 

  • Fibreglass – Common mesh used in most households for a variety of environments
  • Pawproof – A mesh that specialises in resisting scratches from cats and dogs
  • Aluminium – This mesh is fire resilient and is ideal for bushfire prone areas
  • Privacy – This is an aluminium one way vision mesh that makes it difficult for people to see in, but easy for you to see out
  • Stainless steel – A strong mesh often used to combat both bushfires and corrosion in coastal areas

All types of mesh listed above can be installed into window screens, doors, patios, Queensland rooms, outdoor areas, pool areas and garages.

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