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Invisi-gard Doors and Screens

Invisi-gard doors and screens are currently our most popular product. There are many reasons why people are choosing this brand over competitors:

  • The 316 marine-grade mesh is made from stainless steel and is very difficult to cut.
  • Invisi-gard products come complete with a heavy duty extruded aluminium perimeter frame.
  • The patented extreme grip protection (EGP) retention system eliminates unsightly screws and other fixings.
  • The EGP retention system also ensures that the mesh can withstand dynamic impacts and has passed the AS5039-2003 test which simulates doors being kicked.
  • Invisi-gard comes with a ten-year warranty from our supplier ALSPEC.
  • The retention system reduces the treat of corrosion by not allowing contact between the mesh and frame.
  • All Invisi-gard doors come standard with three-point locks, also known as triple-locks.

If you’d like a quote or more information on Invisi-gard products, give us a call on 49 651 330 or send us an email.

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