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New Products: Colonial Castings

hunter valley security doors

We offer several brands and designs of security doors and screens. One of our most popular styles is from Colonial Castings. For nearly 70 years, Colonial Castings has been designing and creating prestigious security doors from their factory in Australia.

Colonial Castings working with Hunter Valley Security Doors are happy to introduce a new range of elegant and modern security doors. Combining a polyurethane that embeds through the perforations of the screen, with a robust aluminium bead with concealed snapping provides a system which is both beautifully seamless and incredibly strong.

When they are assembled with genuine Colonial Castings components and our exacting specifications, our doors have been tested to the following standards:

Dynamic Impact: The aluminium mesh screen and aluminium panel work together to create a barrier that absorbs and spreads the shock of severe force.


Probe, Knife, and Shear: The mesh has been designed to resist shearing, impact and slicing, it wont hamper air flow, giving your home both vital protection and fresh breezes.


Pulling and Jemmy: The combination of structural strength along with a concealed snap aluminium beading creates a single impenetrable barrier which protects the frame from jemmying, and thwarts pulling and tugging attempts.


New Products: Colonial Castings - New Products: Colonial Castings - New Products: Colonial Castings -

All doors can be fitted with either 316 stainless steel mesh or punched/perforated 2mm thick aluminium mesh.

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