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While our security doors and screens are tough, the do benefit from regular maintenance and cleaning. To keep your door in perfect condition, we have a few tips for you to help you get the best out of your security doors and screens.

Depending on the type of security door you have, here are some of the most common service and maintenance issues we deal with:

  • Stainless steel mesh: Our security mesh is reliable and very strong but occasionally our customers experience minor damage may occur as a result of accidental impacts. We can quickly repair or replace damaged mesh.
  • Corrosion: This isn’t a problem with powder coated modern security doors, but it’s not a good look. Maintenance and refinishing may be required.
  • Sliding security doors: Roller and carriage maintenance is the usual problem. This is usually a straightforward issue, but needs to be done properly by a security door specialist to ensure the rollers don’t stick and the door frame isn’t damaged.
  • Door jamb issues: We often see timber door frames that have deteriorated, or house movements which cause doors to stick or open irregularly. Your security door itself may be in good condition, but the door frame often needs work. We can fix this problem is but the security door needs to be securely fitted to a jamb adaptor.
  • Locks and lock replacement: Our security doors are fitted with either a standard cylinder lock or a combination lock and deadbolt. Locks are in constantly being used and may become loosened. Our repair method involves checking the locking mechanisms, and replacing components if required.

We are currently working every week in new home estates around the Newcastle and Maitland region. Areas such as: Aberglasslyn, Avery’s Rise, Branxton, Cessnock, Chisholm, Cliftleigh Meadows, East Maitland, Fletcher, Gillieston Heights, Harvest, Heddon Greta, Heritage Park, Huntlee, Katherine’s Landing, Maitland, McKeachie’s Run, North @ Chisolm, Pacific Dunes, Paxton, Port Stephens, Saddlers Ridge, Salamander Bay, Seaside Fernbay, Stonebridge, The Outlook Estate, Rutherford, Wallis Creek, Watagan Rise, Waterford County, Wirraway, and more!

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